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We offer many free makeup and skin care services designed to get your skin in top shape and help you find the shades that bring out your most beautiful you! In addition to our free studio services, Merle Norman ABQ offers professional hair care and esthetician services to complete your look.



Great skin starts with the right skin care. Find the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and serums that work for YOUR skin type.  Our expert Beauty Consultants can target problems from acne to wrinkles and offer effective solutions. It starts by diagnosing your individual needs.




Get pampered and restore your skin's health with a 5-minute facial targeted for your personal needs.  Choose from: Deep Cleansing, Brightening, Retexturizing and Deep Hydrating.  You'll see a visible difference immedietaley.


Is your foundation a perfect match?  An expert Beauty Consultant will help determine your ideal shade, formula and finish.  Choose from liquid, powder and mineral foundations to get a flawless start.  Get matched for your new foundation today.


We encourage you to touch, feel and try before you buy.  Along with a fabulous new look, you'll learn how to apply. Let's play!

You're about to enjoy one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life.  Let Merle Norman help with the beautiful details.


Make an appointment with a Beauty Consultant to establish a personalized skin care and makeup plan for radiant results on your Big Day and beyond.  Members of your bridal party are also invited for private consultations.



Purchase in-store for products and services.


Gift Certificates Available


Treat yourself to a pampering package for your face, body and hair that will create a stunning look for your next special event.


Schedule an appointment with a Beauty Consultant to plan a custom package for you and a friend, or two or three!





Thanks & Special Offers on Hair Care Services


As a special "thank you" for your services to our community and country, Merle Norman offers 20% off any hair care service for our Educators, First Responders, Health Care Providers as well as Active and Inactive Services and Veterans.


Senior Citizens receive 20% off any Hair Care Service anytime!


Get 20% off your Hair Care Services when you reserve your appointment at least 7 days in advance or refer a new client.


Save 20.00 off Men's Haircuts every Tuesday!


Ladies, get a complimentary Haircut every Wednesday with a full Color Service.

> HAIRCUTS      Youth 25.00 | Men 35.00 | Women 55.00 | Touch Up 5.00

The perfect haircut is essential to frame and enhance your natural beauty. Visit a Master Stylist to plan the look that works best for your face, frame and lifestyle.

> HAIR STYLING      Shampoo & Blow Dry 30.00+ | Formal Styling 65.00+

Updos, braids and blow outs. Let Merle Norman's professionals get you fabulously styled for your next soire.

> COLOR      Single Process 70.00 | Touch Up 50.00+ | Partial Accent 65.00+ | Full Accent 100.000+ | Color & Partial Accent 100.00+ | Color & Full Accent 120.00

Blonde, brunette, redhead or something inbetween, our Certified Master Colorist will consult with you to change your hair color or keep it vibrant and fresh.

> TEXTURE      Movement/Texture 70.00

Texture treatments will smooth and straighten or create a controllable volume. Schedule your appointment today to consult with our Master Stylist about the treatment and products that will suit you.

> COLOR CORRECTION      Please contact us for a quote

When something goes wrong, only a professional will do. Let Merle Norman's Certified Master Colorist repair and nourish your hair back to its beautiful state.

> HAIR EXTENTIONS      Please contact us for a quote

Curious about how hair extentions can work for you? Our Master Stylist will consult with you to fill in problem areas or to lengthen your hair for a totally new look.

> THREADING      Lip & Chin 15.00 | Eyebrow 15.00 | Full Face 45.00 | Unibrow 5.00

Threading is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair without chemicals. Our Threading Consultant is professionally experienced at removing hard to reach tiny facial hairs including shaping or reshaping brows.



> HYDRAFACIAL      60 Minutes 75.00

Treat dry skin and wrinkles with our 5 Step Hydrafacial. Hydrafacial is a non-invasive, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration treatment that will leave you feeling brand new. For an advanced treatment, we reccommend a Hydrafacial with a Chemical Peel.

> RELAXATION FACIAL      60 Minutes 65.00

The Merle Norman Relaxation Facial is a customized treatment for your personal skin care needs. The facial is a tailored treatment including steam, deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction and masks. Come prepared to regenerate!

> ACNE CONTROL/DETOX FACIAL      60 Minutes 65.00

Cleanse yourself of the worry of blemishes! This clarifying treatment is formulated with the acne client in mind. The mask used is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to clear and prevent breakouts.

> MICRODERMABRASION      60 Minutes 75.00

Give your best face with Merle Norman's skin deep treatment! Microdermabrasion removes the uppermost layer of dead skin from the face. Microdermabrasion softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases pore size and helps reduce superficial hyperpigmentation, also known as age spots.

> LED LIGHT THERAPY      Single Treatment 30 Minutes 30.00 | Package of 10 Tretments 250.00

Brighten up! LED Light Therapy is a painless skin care treatment that plumpls up aging skin by boosting collagen production, treats mild to moderate acne and light to moderate hyperpigmentation. LED Light Therapy work by sending energy producing light into the depper layers of the skin.

> WAXING      Full Face 25.00 | Brow 12.00 | Lip 8.00 | Chin 6.00 | Arm 25.00 | Underarm 15.00 | Chest 40.00+ | Back 45.00+ | Full Leg 65.00 | Half Leg 45.00

Rid yourself of unwanted hair with our gentle yet effective body waxing. From eyebrows to bikinis, let Merle Norman ABQ's  Licensed and Certified Esthetician get you ready for your close-up!

> DERMAPLANNING      75 Minutes 110.00

A newer procedure, dermaplaning is a safe and simple procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning is a great alternative for women like expectant mothers who want the benefits of dermabrasion without the chemicals.

> LASH TINTING      Lashes 20.00

Every girl knows that eyebrows are the frame to the windows of the soul. Frame your soul in the right shade with our professional eyebrow tinting services. We will match or darken your brows to the perfect shade to enhance the beauty of your eyes, face and yes, your soul.

Tired of the hassle of false lashes or using mascara daily to darken your lashes? Learn more about what lash tinting can do to increase the appearance of darker, fuller lashes without all the maintenance.

> BROW TINTING      Brows 15.00

Smell good, look fabulous! The Merle Norman Pumpkin Enzyme Peel easily and gently dissolves dead surface skin cells. This deep exfoliator stimulates cellular turnover, and nourishes and replenishes essential vitamins and minerals. The peel helps with skin elasticity as well as provides an overall improvement to the complexion.


> PCA CHEMICAL PEEL      60 Minutes 95.00

Get smoother, more youthful looking skin with an in-studio chemical peel. Besides being one of the least invasive and quickest ways to improve the appearance of your skin, chemexfoliation is a great way to improve large pores, acne, or acne scars, age and liver spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, rough skin, scaly patches, scars and sun-damaged skin.

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