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You're about to enjoy one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life.  Let Merle Norman help with the beautiful details.


Make an appointment with a Beauty Consultant to establish a personalized skin care and makeup plan for radiant results on your Big Day and beyond.  Members of your bridal party are also invited for private consultations.


The key to a perfect look is beginning your beauty regimen well in advance. Use the following schedule as a guideline for booking your appointments. Start your bridal beauty program today!



Congratulations onYour Engagement!


Include your bridal party to ensure a cohesive look.


Discuss skin concerns.


Have your skin type determined, or use our online skin-typing guide.


Select appropriate skin care treatments/products.


Receive a complimentary Facial Service.


Discuss date/time of your wedding and color scheme (impacts makeup selection and application).


Start an exfoliation regimen using either the Derma-Peel System or Micro-Refiner, depending on skin type, to improve skin texture and tone, as well as give your complexion a radiance boost.

2 Months Ahead - Your Initial Consultation


Choose shades tailored to your skin tone and dress.


Avoid intensely shiny or frosted shades, which can catch the light during flash photography and create unsightly shadows.


Get a Foundation Check. Advise the Beauty Consultant on the style of your dress so she can match your foundation shade to the tone of your neck, shoulders, chest, etc.


Veer slightly darker than your normal skin tone, and/or match your face color to your shoulders and chest for a seamless effect.


Be sure touchup products are properly matched and blended to avoid streaks or blotches


Since flash photography can make you look pale or emphasize ruddiness, choose a warm or yellow-based shade to even out your skin tone.


Bring a camera to see how your makeup will look when photographed (consider getting test photos done with your wedding photographer).

For A Picture Perfect Look

Soothe and moisturize skin with another complimentary Facial Service.

1 Month Ahead - Follow Up Visit

2 Weeks Ahead - Follow Up Visit

1 Day Ahead - Before The Big Day!

Have nails manicured and toes pedicured.


Get a massage.


Prep skin with Moisture Rich Facial Treatment so makeup will apply smoothly.


Find some private time and relax..

On The Big Day!

Give your skin a wedding day glow with Brilliant-C.


Keep foundation and blush in place with Foundation Primer.


For tear-proof mascara, apply Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara.


Make sure lip color doesn’t kiss off with Long Wear Lipcolor.

Carry these with you on your special day for lasting wear and convenient touchups.


Flawless Effect Pressed Powder to minimize shine.


Lip Pencil Plus to refresh liner.


Color all in one Moist Lip Color for a glossy smile.

Purse Portables For The Bride To Be

Bridesmaids Must Haves

To keep everyone camera-ready:


Moist Lip Color for perfect color and soft, subtle shine.


Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara tear-proof, just in case!


Tuck these into your travel bag for extra sun protection and color:


MERLE NORMAN Dual Spectrum™


Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara


Purely Mineral Bronzing Powder


Moist Lip Color

Honeymoon Essentials

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